Funny, they told us it was CO2

But now, they are saying that it is in part, at least, Methane….

One third of Globall Warming is due to Methane

Now they are gonna target the methane released from oil wells and during the transport and refining process.

(Of note is that the earth releases, due to natural processes , nearly twice the amount that mankind does during oil extraction and processing)


Of course, this is really just another way of pushing the price of oil upwards and trying to make us all go electric: New Methane Emission Laws Could Transform U.S. Energy Sector. 

Oddly, they never mentioned Methane before…although anyone with any sort of engineering degree or a chemistry degree was telling them that co2 wasn’t anywhere near the problem that Al the Gore and Michael Mann said it was…(and, of course, once they figured out how much money that the whole Global Warming scam could generate in fees, taxes, fines and subsidies).

The reality is that the biggest greenhouse gas is Water Vapor, But they keep ignoring that one too, simply because there is no way to tax it. (yet).


Remember, according to the media and the Climate Folks, 2023 was the record highest ever hottest year.

Except it wasn’t, but they keep telling the the lies and the media keeps repeating it.,


8 thoughts on “Funny, they told us it was CO2

  1. Methane as in cow emissions.

    Expect them to continue to go after farming and meat production as a result. More fodder for the “You will eat bugs and like it, you peasant” crowd.

    • Y’beat me to it…

      …Look for a “fart tax” to come down the pike in the near future… Not for cows… For US!!!!

    • No, actually, this time they are going after methan from oil production….

      • Yeah… In the beginning, California was only going after Armor-piercing” bullets… Look where that’s gone…

  2. Hottest ever. Well except 1934. They decided that was an anomaly and threw that year out.

    • And only if you “adjust” the data. Actual, un'”adjusted” data shows a slight cooling trend.

      But if there isn’t some warming, then they can’t claim “Climate Change” and get funding for boondoggles and get their cut.

      So they LIE

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