One wonders, as the World Leaders (and wannabees) gather at Davos, Switzerland for their World Economic Forum…where they’ll tell us all about Climate Change and the difficult life changes we must make (Oddly, forgetting that they all flew to Davos in private jets from around the world …jets with an average of 2.9 passengers onboard) and discuss the terrible and difficult changes we must make because “meat farming is bad for the environment” so we must consider bugs “other forms of protein”…while dining on Wagu beef and caviar…Lots of hypocrisy on tap there….

One has to ask: Where are the oil protesters. Why are we not seeing them block the roads, glue themselves to the floors in front of the conference goers? ? The Free Palestine folks also? Where are they?

It’s ok for the rest  of us to have to deal with the protesting assholes, but not the really rich….They can’t have anything stop them from their conference party time. Nothin’ like hookers and blow to make a good time better, AmIRite?

6 thoughts on “Davos

  1. Davis….all I see is a juicy fat target.. One brave AF pilot could solve a lot of the worlds problems just by hitting the pickle button.

    • Dan, I read your comment after posting mine.

      The similarity of our comments is more than ‘great minds’; it is recognition that the annual migration of the wicked is tempting fate.

    • Same thing when the mooslimes have their annual dance around that black rock.

      • les than 1% of muslims do the Haj even once. You should learn more before making statements about such things.

  2. I have wondered what the residents of Davos think of the wannabe Dr Evils and minions gathering in their burg.

    I expect a rather laiezz faire attitude.
    If so, that makes them complicit, oui?

    Once a year the enemies of the world do a favor by huddling en masse in one small locale.

  3. Yep, that IS interesting how few protestors ever show up…

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