Advice to the ladies:

A woman I know was discussing her issues with her man….she’s been (her words) “Keepin’ him in the doghouse for a while”. :

She’s gonna “outstubborn” him.

My advice to her:

“Keep him in the doghouse too long and you’ll find him in some cathouse sooner or later…..or some other kitty’s house”….You aren’t gonna like how this ends”.

Men will only put up with so much shit from women. Women need to realize that.

Further, (and here’s a big one) Ladies: if yer ashamed of your behavior, or embarrassed or get your feelings hurt when someone points it out, then that means you know it is wrong. If you are aware that it is wrong, THEN STOP IT.

3 thoughts on “Advice to the ladies:

  1. after a while we men get used to anything. when we realize we can live w/out the nookie, women lose all power over us. most women have little else to offer these days, sadly.

  2. Women put men in the “doghouse” because they know that if he heads for the “cathouse” the evil judges infesting our judiciary will reward them with cash and prizes as part of the divorce process. The ONLY rational solution for men gede days is DO NOT MARRY. It’s no longer necessary to marry in order to be a father. But. DOES short circuit he insanity of the divorce system. Why ANY man would EVER risk getting married is simply unexplainable. Don’t do it.

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