A note to the NRA board:

If you ever want to see another dime from me, then get your shit together and get rid of ALL the grifters that were in Wayne’s orbit.

Each and every one of them.


Do NOT appoint one of his cronies to replace WLP. Bring in some new blood and some decent, honest management.

If you continue the legacy of WLP, you might as well shut down the NRA, as it will not survive.

Enough. Clean out the stables. .Fix this shit. It is your duty. Failing that, resign so we can get some other’s in who will do the job.

6 thoughts on “A note to the NRA board:

  1. Life member here; before I learned about all of the “schtuff” that LP did. I used to get their constant pleas for money. I started to write on those pleas “NOPE”. And then send it back as undeliverable to my address
    Hm…haven’t received anything for quite awhile…….

  2. Our club was redoing our charter and dropped NRA requirement. Thats over 300 members not required to have a membership. They are a goverment unto themselves. Corupt to the core and not about to or able to change.

  3. Not sure they will recover.
    Shame on me that I haven’t looked hard enough to find a replacement org to support yet….

  4. “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” ……choose new wisely

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