Toldya so

And so many folks said we were “Conspiracy Theorists”…labeled us as crazy and paranoid when we said that there was a bunch of “Experts” saying what they were supposed to say….when we said that they were lying.

But now?

BIDEN’S ex-Covid advisor admits pandemic may have been caused by a Wuhan lab leak

But those of us who suggested that were Xenophobic and biased against the Chinese when we suggested that maybe (just maybe) the Chinese might be lying about where the Covid came from….(Hint: T’wasn’t bats from a hundred miles away sold in a “Wet Market” just blocks from the lab…)

Anyone who spread Fauchi’s lies (and those of the governments, both Chinese and the US) should be jailed…They lied to the American People, likely for gain. Helped spread the disease by not shutting the borders, stopping air travel, by aiding and abetting the spread of the disease.

And slowly, a trickle at a time, the truth is coming out.

4 thoughts on “Toldya so

  1. A feature and not a bug to comrade commissar Brandon of the CPUSA/CCP.

  2. “…Anyone who spread Fauchi‚Äôs lies (and those of the governments, both Chinese and the US) should be jailed…”

    Given the amount of economic, educational and societal destruction they caused I would suggest “something other than jail” * pour encourager les autres to prevent anything even remotely resembling a repeat performance.

    * Performed slowly….very, very slowly….

    Anon 2

  3. THEY call ME a “conspiracy theorist.” I call MYSELF a “Truth Early Adopter!”

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