They knew

The Israeli Government knew of the attack BEFORE it occurred on Oct 7th, 

They had at least 12 hours warning.

And they chose to do NOTHING.

Again. Israeli government officials knew of the attack preparations at least 12 hours before it happened.

The deaths of the civilians, all those babies and children, are on them as much as on Hamas.

I guess they needed the excuse to start the invasion of Gaza.


I said then that there was something fishy…that it was odd that the intelligence people had no clue what was coming….now we know

4 thoughts on “They knew

  1. Yes, there are unanswered questions. But my money is on U.S. gov interceding.
    Consider how fedgov favors, or at least cozies up to Iran. Iran is major influence to Hamas. Fedgov does a solid for Iran by pressuring Israel, or feeding disinfo to Israel.

    In return, Iran promises to share trade secrets from Russia and China. Of course, this is me speculating. But I won’t be surprised if it shakes out this way or worse.

    Also, consider why Americans are still held hostage. U.S. is well capable of dark ops to get them out. Probabley they are left for time being for other purpose. In any case, fedgov uses Americans as pawns in geopolitical chess. And that is sickening!

    Further, what #1 reason why so much materiál left for Taliban? Don’t forget standdown order during evac. And U.S. servicemen left to die or become hostage.

    All in all, apparent failure to respond on Oct 7th is but a part. Its all so very sickening.

  2. Huh… so ‘exercise’ vs. real thing??? The paper makes some interesting links (which always work in hindsight)…

  3. the head of one of the intel services had warning from a few people under his direction but ignored it. i do not think got got anywhere near Netanyahu

  4. This whole thing was orchestrated. People died to keep other peoples’ money rolling in. AMAZING how quickly “aid to Israel” was so quickly tied for “aid to Ukraine; no? Also amazing; Congress’ inability to tie SECURING OUR BORDER to “aid” for everyone else BUT the USA…

    …I have “trust issues” with just about EVERYONE these days…

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