Prove your innocence or we will keep yer money

If there is anything that goes against the concept of a free citizen in America, Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of those things.

I urge you to contact your representatives and tell them to get behind  this bill:

H.R.1525 – FAIR Act of 2023

This time, it has a chance of getting out of committee for a vote. Let’s make sure that that happens.

You may or may not know that many people lose millions over 1.3 Billion dollars every year to “Civil Asset Forfeiture”, where federal or other law enforcement searched a person for some reason (say, a traffic stop, or at an airport) and finds a sum of cash on your person or otherwise in your possession. In many instances, they assume it is money from the proceeds of a crime (without any evidence to sustain that “suspicion”) and confiscate it….without charging the person with a crime…..In other words, the law enforcement personnel steal the money and force you to sue them to get it back, often with help from federal prosecutors. You get fined without the benefit of a hearing before a judge or a jury of your peers. (Seems unconstitutional and illegal, right?)

Now, you gotta realize that the whole concept of “Innocent until proven guilty” goes out the window in such instances….They DO NOT charge the individual with a crime, they simply take the money (because if you weren’t up to no good why would you carry $10,000 or more in CASH?) and let you sue them to recover it….You have to prove that YOUR money is Yours, and was obtained or earned legally…without any proof to the contrary. The officer gets to judge.¬† Despite the fact that carrying cash inside the borders of the United States in not illegal, the presumption is that if you are carrying a sum of cash that the officer finds to be “suspicious” then he has the right to confiscate it, even with no proof that a crime has been committed (or will be committed).

This bill would make such confiscation without proof (or reasonable articulable suspicion) illegal.

Please, email, call, write, telegram, whatever but get your US representative to get behind this and make sure it gets out of committee and goes to the floor for a vote.

If you don’t know who your congressmen and representatives are, you can find them at this link

If you think this is bullshit and doesn’t happen, do a Google search for civil Asset Forfeiture and see. It is government sanctioned theft.


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2 thoughts on “Prove your innocence or we will keep yer money

  1. The bill has zero chance of passing. Even if by some miracle both houses pass it you can bet the farm the criminals infesting the White House will veto it. But realistically I’m more likely to win SuperLotto before this bill is passed by congress. The criminal bureaucrats love money. And ANY means that allows them to get money from the citizenry will be aggressively protected.

    • Humor me, try anyway. Call yer congrescritter and ask them to support it. At least get it out of committee.

      “If you fail to try, you are trying to fail.”

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