How to finance terror

I mean, if one knows certain acts will happen, and the timeframe, then one can sell short certain stocks and gain a fortune:

Terror group’s associates are accused of making more than $900 MILLION by shorting shares in Israel’s biggest bank weeks before October 7 massacre

Seems like a good idea at first glance…, but I am sure that at some point the Mossad will have a discussion with them about this, and the results won’t be what the “associates” will hope for….

Knowing this will happen, and doing nothing about it is bad enough….profiting from it (and, one would assume, sharing those profits with Hamas officials) is an entirely different level of evil.

I hope the Mossad makes them scream before ending their existence.



2 thoughts on “How to finance terror

  1. Can’t help but wonder if any of them are congresscritters…

  2. I hope Mossad thinks like you do.

    But actually, I think they’ll let them turn over all those nasty profits to Israel, out of guilt.

    Then shoot them in the head anyways, as they should.

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