CBS 2 Chicago

Is really pushing the whole Climate Change/Global Warming schtick. There’s a whole series of little blurbs that they put into their “news” (produced elsewhere and apparently distributed to all CBS stations?)

They keep telling us that Sea Ice is falling (it isn’t), that glaciers in Svalbard are retreating (they aren’t, unless you compare winter of 1 year to summer of another year) and lots of other mistruths….Not sure why a local TV station is pushing this meme, but they are, big time.

Of course, we Must Do Something because sea levels are Rising by FEET (they aren’t) and soon it will affect us all, even here in the Midwest.

There must be a lagging belief about Global Warming in the general population, if the local TV station is pushing the Climate Change agenda…..the powers that be must fear that they will no longer be able to milk all that money if they don’t keep up the religion…


2 thoughts on “CBS 2 Chicago

  1. Was spinning past when I saw probably the same Screaming Panic Alert from Svalbard Fjord: switch from Breathless to Hyperventilate!

    Thought it was just my local newstards.

    Thanks for confirming it’s just more gas on today’s Talking Points List.

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