Don’t forget

82 years ago, the Japanese Navy attacked the fleet at Pearl Harbor.

Never forget that.


While there may or may not have been foreknowledge by the US government, there was no formal declaration of War by the Japanese.

And the Fleet at Pear Harbor was at peacetime status.

The surprise was total, the devastation…devastating.

Yet today we are peaceful partners in commerce.

Of course, it was the Japanese that changed their way of life to accommodate the rest of the world, especially the West and Europe.

But never, ever forget.

4 thoughts on “Don’t forget

  1. Amazing that….
    We seem to do business with the countries that we either fought or conquered.
    And, once “they” changed to a white European model of life…..they prospered.

  2. I noticed that references to pearl Harbor faded into the grey this year. Perhaps certain people don’t want certain other people to be able to overlay what happened at Pearl Harbor with what happened in Israel…

    • yeah, even more quiet that usual re: phd. i frankly expected a false flag event today. glad i was wrong. now on to christmas! they like their anniversaries.

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