Remember: 1 degree C is a “tipping point”

Or so they have been telling us for years….that magic one degree Celsius was the point at which all sorts of climate related bad things would ensue…

New research indicates West Antarctica’s mean annual surface temperatures cooled by more than -1.8°C (-0.93°C per decade) from 1999-2018. In spring, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) cooling rate reached -1.84°C per decade.

Will they say the reverse is true here? Or will they admit that their models just aren’t very good and that they simply don’t have enough data to make a reliable climate model? That all this Global Warming bullshit was just that? (Bullshit, I mean)

So Antarctica is cold…and getting colder.

2 thoughts on “Remember: 1 degree C is a “tipping point”

  1. B, you know the drill. Too hot , climate change. Too cold, climate change. Same is true with storms, no storms, snow or no snow, dry, wet, it doesn’t matter. Everything is climate change and the only cure is more socialism and less freedom.

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