It only took two weeks

I mean, they had video evidence, But since it was Black on White crime, they chose to wait until the victim died before bothering to even try to identify the attackers, hoping that it would just be a beating and they could forget it.

But once it hit the papers, THEN the cops decided to do their job…Sorta.

Funny how that works, innit? What do you wanna bet that if it had been a bunch of WHITE teenagers who beat a Black kid, that they would have waited? There’d have been extra cops working overtime to find out who the kids were and charge them with a Hate Crime.

Even though the video shows the race of all the kids, the Media (and the cops) will simply identify them as “Teenagers” …Funny about that, innit? 


So far there’s no mention of a Hate Crime, either. 10 black kids beat a white kid to death, but there’s nothing racial about it.

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