I’m only good for maybe 800

I mean, I can hit a man-sized target (In the A zone) 80% of the time out to about 800 yards….that is about my limit of abilities (on a good day). That’s using a decent scope/rifle combination and a decent cartridge……from a pair of sandbags or an equivalent rest.


If true, then this is impressive, no matter what technology he’s using.

Ukrainian sniper claims new world record after ‘picking off Russian soldier from 2.36 miles away using “Lord of the Horizon” gun’

That’s a 4000+  yard shot.

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  1. If you can hit a man size target at 400 yards it mean you can “exert influence” over 11.5 acres. How many overlapping 11.5 acre circles do you and your companions need to control your AO?

    I like 22LR bolt rifles for teaching and practice (especially learning how to run a bolt rifle correctly, most people don’t and Hollywood is stunningly bad at it) , and you don’t need a fancy one. I’ve got a Marlin 81 I bought years ago for student use, and it was <$100. I have added some Lyman peep sights, about $60, but the original open notch sights it came with worked fine. My personal is a glass-bedded CZ 452 American with Lymans on it.

    Work the standard NRA High Power positions (the NRA HP course is often call "3 position course" or "the 60-round course" – 20 rounds standng at 200 yards, 20 rounds sitting or kneeling (your choice) at 300, 20 rounds prone at 600). Scale it down for .22 – with a .22 use business cards at 40 yards and playing cards at 80 – it teaches solid position, breathing control, use of sights, trigger management. Master the technique with the .22, transition to something larger for farther distances (I favor .30 caliber because there may someday be Self Service Home Delivery of 7.62X51 , but some 6.5s are just as good). When you get really good with that .22 use old 12 gauge hulls end-on at 50-80 yards – the brass end is just about the size of a quarter – about 1 inch. When you can snap-shot hit 70% of quarter-size targets at 50-60 yards (1.5 – 2 seconds from port arms at "go" to "shot fired') with your .22 you're pretty damn formidable because even your misses will be within an inch or two, and humans aren't that small.

    Extra points for setting up a practice .22 as close to identical to your SHTF rifle as possible. You can use .22 conversion kits with ARs but accuracy suffers – .22LR is a .223" projectile, 5.56X45 is a .224" – but you can build a dedicated upper in .22 pretty cheaply.

    FYI, your grocery store provides free man-size targets – paper grocery bags. Pull one off the stack at checkout and measure it – they're usually about 17 inches tall and 12 inches wide folded flat. Hold one flattened against your chest with the top at the suprasternal notch; if you can hit it 70-80% at distance within 2-3 seconds from "go" ("at what distance" is determined by your AO) you're far ahead of Cletus, Chauncy and Wang Lu.

    As for the Uke 2.36 mile shot, it's entirely possible, especially if one pays attention to what the Very Long Distance Aficionados in the American west are doing, but to claim the record, what did they use to determine the actual distance and verify everything?

    • The USPS offers free targets as well. They will give you, free of charge, their medium Flat Rate shipping boxes. These, when cut open and unfolded are nearly perfect for targets, right shape, right size, etc. Half size or 1/3 size targets, add a marker and you have great training targets for free.

      I shoot indoors at 50 feet sometimes with a .22 and outdoors at 50 yards with .22 good practice. Sometimes a bolt gun, sometimes a franken-gun I assembled: A Ruger 10-22 clone with no Ruger parts (all aftermarket) It’s a better shooter than I am. Practice practice, practice.

      While ,22 LR is nice, you still gotta shoot long range with bigger calibers to keep in practice.

    • BTW, How do you get 400 yds to equate to 11.5 acres of “influence”?
      1200 feet in a circle does not equate to 11 acres as far as I can calculate….

      • Here’s what I calculate:
        Pi R-squared is the area of a circle
        There are 43,560 square feet/acre…
        Pi*(1200*1200) = 4523893 Square feet
        4523893/43560 = 103.85 acres.. what am I doing wrong?

      • If you use 400 FEET instead, that is about 11.5 acres…

        • I forgot to convert yards to feet. Duh.

          My error. 400 (radius) X 400 = 160000 x 3.14 = 502400 / 43560 = 11.533.

          160000 x 9 (3 feet squared) to get 1440000 then X by 3.14 to get 4521600, then divide by 43560 you get 103.801 acres.

          Sorry about that. I have fired the guy running my calculator.

  2. “….you still gotta shoot long range with bigger calibers to keep in practice.”

    Absolutely ! Learn technique with the .22, apply that learning and improve your skills with the major caliber.

    And remember, the enemy you neutralize at 250-400 meters is an enemy you don’t have to deal with at 25 feet.

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