Have you noticed?

That None, absolutely Zero, of the major news outlets have addressed the fact that they all had stringer reporters embedded in with the Hamas terrorists that began the current war with Israel by slaughtering innocent civilians in a surprise attack?

None of them have condemned the fact that their reporters all had previous knowledge of the impending attack and yet chose to stay silent just to get a story. How many lives could have been saved, both Israeli as well as “Palestinian”?

I’ll say it again. None have condemned the reporters. None.

Think about that.


6 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. I would hope that Mossad would eventually get around to handing out some justice to these accomplices as soon as they and the IDF finish up in Gaza.

    • The employers had to authorize travel. How long does it take to pick a destination, get the required visa,etc,make the trip..
      Someone Knew, and they Knew a lot longer than thirty minutes. If I’m supposed to believe Israel, with the More spies per capita than anywhere else on Earth did not know an attack was coming, I’m, once again, failing to beloeve what I should believe. I also failed to believe the jabs were safe or effective.

      Israel KNEW.. Allowing, or creating the situation that Sells a war isn’t beyond the people running things.

      • Nolan: They, (the reporters) were already in-country, they are indigenous to the area.
        Still doesn’t change the fact that they haven’t been fired or that their actions haven’t been condemned by their employers, doesn’t change the fact that the news services paid them to use their material and photos.
        But I think the Mossad will get around to them soon enough and express their displeasure.

  2. actually i think they should be commended. after all, they made sure the world witnessed the atrocities they committed. right after that shoot them like the dogs they are.

  3. That is a very good point made. Obviously, the story is more important than lives saved.

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