So they cancelled my Dr Appt.

(apparently the Doc wasn’t feeling well).

So I had the afternoon free.

I chose to go to the beach. Weather was 60 degrees with a wind from the south(ish). Perfect “walk the beach” weather. (Yes, ladies, some guys really do like Long Walks on the Beach…)

I took a backpack, some grocery bags for trash pickup, a bottle of water and a sweatshirt.

By the time I was 100 yds down the beach the sweatshirt was in the backpack. It was nearly perfect, weather-wise. I hadn’t been on that particular beach in nearly 6 months. Central beach, just west of Michigan City, if you care to know. Last time I was there the beach was about 50 feet wide (if that) in most places. This time it was easily 150 YARDS wide. Such are the vagaries of wind, current and tide.

Picked up a bit of beach glass, communed with the Gods, and relaxed a whole bunch. Surprisingly, there was nearly no trash to pick up.  But the walk was good, Very good. Like a walk in the woods for some folks, a walk on the beach helps me recharge and relax.

‘Twas a good afternoon.

4 thoughts on “So they cancelled my Dr Appt.

  1. no pictures? 🙁 nice posts are good to recharge after all the bad news.

  2. ‘To be honest I didn’t think to take any.
    Just a flat blue lake and an expanse of sand devoid of people.

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