“Slow is smooth

And smooth is fast”


Was at the range Sat afternoon planning on shooting at the bowling pin range but when I got there, one of our newer (and younger) members was already on the outdoor range.

Not a big deal, I shot at the 12 yard line alongside him instead rather than wait for him to be finished (the two ranges are not separate and one cannot be safe on the bowling pin range when others are on the 12 yd line), and had some fun. I hadn’t shot at the 12 yard line for a long time….I’m generally either 7 yds or 25 yds with a pistol.

He was amazed that I could pull from a holster and do double taps as fast as I could (and I am not at all fast compared to some folks that I know). . I explained that there were two parts to being able to do that……repetition to develop the muscle memory and practice at doing it smoothly. Plus lots of practice to keep that skill alive. We worked though the mechanics of the draw so he could get smoother at it.

I quoted the Seal Mantra: “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”. Oddly, he’d never heard that before.

But it is true.

Then I drove home while he waited (I only live 8 minutes or so away from the range) and brought back my Coolfire Trainer for him to look at and try.  He liked it, even though he shoots a Glock and I shoot a 1911….

But with that trainer, I can practice draw and fire in my hallway at home. For about 0.1% of the cost of live ammo. ‘Taint a perfect simulation, but it certainly helps with the muscle memory and the double taps.

I think he’s gonna invest in one soon.

We did have fun, and he did improve (as did I) with a bit of practice. Kid has potential. I burned 150 rounds of White Box 230G and earned a blister on my finger.


(And I got the training device years ago as a birthday gift, so the FTC can kiss my ass)

7 thoughts on ““Slow is smooth

  1. Just looked up “Cool fire”
    Looks interesting.
    I’m on vacation this week and hope to get to the range one day to work on drawing.
    Last time was a disaster !!!!

  2. B, you shot from what line?
    I ask because you said bowling pin is not safe if someone is at 12 yd line.

    The way it reads is you compromised the safety of the other shooter.

    • Reread for comprehension. I did the 12 yd line BECAUSE he was already on the 12 yd line. Had I done the bowling pins, I would have had my back to him, therefore downrange of his shooting position.
      First at the range controls the range…S I either waited for him to be finished or shot from where he was shooting. I chose to shoot from his position.

  3. Well done on being an ambassador for gun owners. I am a gun owner, and also a Ham Radio operator. When an older Ham helps a newer Ham, the older one is usually called an Elmer, after some guy from the past, I guess, that helped many other younger Hams.
    We often stress helping new shooters, but we mustn’t forget to help shooters who either are not as experienced or perhaps are struggling with some certain aspect of shooting. I know that while I have helped with a few new shooters, I often have wished that I had someone to watch me and give me advice about a certain issue, without the expense and time of attending a full blown class.
    As I said before, well done, and thank you.

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