So the world, including the US Government, is saying that Isrel needs to make sure that it’s response to the Hamas attacks is “Proportionate “.

“Israel is entitled to defend itself, that’s clear. However, it has to be proportionate. They cannot go in and do the same thing, they need to watch what they’re doing as well”.

Anyone who says that has never been in a fight….likely lived a very sheltered existence. We obviously have different definitions of “Proportionate”…This isn’t a football game or a boxing ring….

Proportionate? For invading a sovereign country that attacked during a time of peace, whose fighters mercilessly killed innocent civilians, Indiscriminately raped and tortured people?

You want a proportionate response? I’d nuke the whole fucking bunch of animals to glass. Every single person in the Gaza strip. Not because they participated in the fighting directly, but because they hid, sheltered and aided and abetted the fighters. Let them arm and assemble themselves. And are hiding them afterwards. If you do that, you too are the enemy.

And you should expect a response that is indeed “proportionate”…..




5 thoughts on ““Proportionate”

  1. apparently, they don’t understand the meaning of the word. what’s proportionate to chopped off baby heads? nukes would not be disproportionate to that. neither would bulldozing the whole thing into the med. then they should turn 180 degrees and bulldoze anything palestinian in the west bank into the jordan. the palestinians have worn out their welcome in several arab countries already. they just blew their last chance. smoke em. …..that said, let’s face the fact that iran really caused this. they must be ready with the bomb and want to precipitate a reason in their minds to use it. israel, and the world, needs to be very careful how they commit resources to this conflict. i think iran wants is irael fully envolved in gaza and then hit them from behind. there are 120k iranian troops just over the syria border.

  2. The Israelis must go in hard and fast, raze every building to the ground and either shoot or capture every male over the age of 16. And then imprison everyone else.
    It’s either that or the limited nuclear option.

  3. That didn’t take long. I KNEW that media whores and politicians would call for Israel to do this. They do it EVERY time the ragheads do this. I just didn’t think I would happen so quickly. It’s only been THREE EFFING DAYS! Netanyahu needs to tell anyone who spouts this BS to suck his nards.

  4. For some of us “Proportionate” would be instantly turning Gaza into a smoking, lifeless crater.

    Unfortunately, Gaza is too close to Israel’s population to make radioactivity an option for the crater, but I do seem to remember Rome Plows on the front of D7s back in the day, and Caterpillar now has the larger D9, so….

    Anon 2

    • And that was mu first thought as well. We all have different definitions of “Proportionate”.
      Much depends on how tough your childhood was, I guess.

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