Are they gonna try them like the Jan 6th protesters????

Pro-Palestinian protesters invade the Capitol: More than 100 demonstrators are arrested after demanding Israeli ceasefire by staging a sit-down in a rotunda in the Congress complex


If not, why not? What, exactly, is the difference?


A protest is a protest. Equal protection under the law. (and equal punishment as well!!)

Of course, THESE protests are wanted by the Democrats (or at least some Dems) so this will likely result in slaps on the wrists and no incarceration.


4 thoughts on “Are they gonna try them like the Jan 6th protesters????

  1. Shit no. 0bidens DoJ like those kinds of “peaceful” protests.

    Because they were only celebrating their 1st Amendment rights….. or sompin.

  2. Yep, all protestors are equal, but some (progressive) protestors are more equal than others.

  3. After they get sentenced to 25 years for insurrection, those astro-turfed jackholes should be sent to Gaza.
    Let them protest where it will do them some good.
    This is just naked virtue-signaling from the imaginary moral high ground of Nowhere-Near-Harm’s-Way.

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