A resounding “Meh”

Seems that most Americans would not buy an Electric Vehicle today.

57% “Not Likely”, only 17% “somewhat Likely”

More Republicans that Democrats said “Hell No”. Poor folks said “NO” more often as well.

Lots of opposition to EV’s.


I guess the Feds are gonna have to force the issue.


Oughta be interesting when they do.


5 thoughts on “A resounding “Meh”

  1. I would only buy a battery operated car if it made economic sense for ME.
    That’s the only reason.
    At this time, it does not make economic sense nor do the logistics work for me.

  2. Actually, EVs are useful in that they are a marker for leftists and those with SJW leanings. Handy to be able to ID them at a distance.

    I never park near one, and if I saw several in a particular parking lot I’d avoid that establishment if at all possible.

    But buy one? I won’t even ride in one, afraid of having to walk home when it runs out of juice.

    Anon 2

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