Graft and kickbacks before helping American Citizens.

The Dems have made it clear that if the additional 22 BILLION DOLLARS in “aid” Ukraine doesn’t happen, then there will be no aid for the folks (Americans) in either Maui (wildfires) or in Florida (hurricane).

Funding Ukraine is a lever they are willing to sacrifice their fellow citizens upon. Ukraine aid (and kickbacks?) over helping American Citizens. Sad. Disgusting really. Even for politicians this is low.

Typical. They have Porked up nearly every disaster relief bill ever since they found that they could since Katrina.

Of course, this time there is likely to be a significant payoff for those who push for more “Aid” for Ukraine…..This time they are putting another country in front thf American Citizens.

Tar, Feathers, Lampposts, Rope, Horsewhips,

Feel free to add to the list.



5 thoughts on “Graft and kickbacks before helping American Citizens.


    If enough AMERICANS just say “I’m staying home from work for a week or two,” THINK of the lost federal and state TAX REVENUE! Call it the Red, White, and Blue Flu… “We stay home until you start LISTENING TO US!!!”

    Yeah, it’s gonna hurt… all of us… but not as much as letting things continue the way they are! Many have sacrificed in the past for this country. It’s our turn now!

    • they are “printing” three out of four dollars they spend now. witholding tax funds won’t bother them in the least.

  2. Here’s a thought, How about our fearless leader in the House introduce another bill leaving out Ukraine? Asking for a friend in Hawaii….

  3. Before we start worrying about things like Tar, Feathers, Lampposts, Rope, Horsewhips, we need to find something else. BALLS. So far Americans
    simply don’t have the will, the guts, the BALLS to actually DO SOMETHING to
    the criminals in power. And until THAT happens nothing changes. In the meantime lets all get back to our pizza, beer and football.

  4. very nearly all of them demand ukraine money. most of it comes back to them.

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