And they show where their loyalties lie

They cannot show respect or do anything Patriotic on the US Independence Day (July 4th) but they can be expected to get out of hand showing their support for Mexican Independence Day. ‘Cause in their hearts, they are Mexican, not American.

So much so that the City of Chicago is shutting down streets to prevent the issues that happened in the last few years during their “Celebrations” downtown.

What this tells me is that these people, deep in their hearts, are still citizens of Mexico, not citizens of the US. Their loyalties lie in Mexico, as Mexicans, not citizens of the USA as Americans…. Their culture is that of Mexico, not that of the US.

But that is what we get when we have essentially unrestricted immigration….nothing to make them earn their stay here, nothing to generate their the country where they live, that protects and nurtures them, where they earn a living protected and sheltered under a culture not their own.

These people are not citizens of the US.  Their behavior is shameful.

4 thoughts on “And they show where their loyalties lie

  1. I agree. I believe the majority are like you say, but I have met exceptions:
    I had a pleasant surprise at the dentist. The dental assistant was an American, born and raised mostly in Columbia.

    We spoke for a while. He was one of the most ‘American’ people I ever met.
    He has guns. “Don’t let them take your guns,” he leans forward and warns me.
    And he said, “I hate people that come to America and want to change it.
    They have more than a hundred other countries to choose from if they don’t like this one.”

    He knew our History, and how brave Americans have always been. But he doesn’t see that bravery he’s always heard and read about in the young adults now. It makes him very sad.

    Makes me sad too. But I’ve noticed that he and other ‘new’ Americans are not always lock-step with the Dem Party. That is a good sign.

    • Note your Dental Assistant is Columbian not a recent Mexican immigrant.
      Big difference.

    • My wife is a naturalized US citizen, born in Mexico. She BLEEDS red, white, and blue!

      Oh; and DON’T get her going on illegal immigration!!!!

      That being said, the post-Reagan “one-time amnesty” immigrants are just as you say.

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