Lesson from Maui and Lahaina

We’ve seen it in forest fires in AZ and California. Now Maui as well….


Leave Early. Especially if you have children or pets…..moreso if you want to save horses or the like.

Beat the rush, GTFO as soon as the threat becomes real. Don’t get trapped in a traffic jam, don’t be part of the refugee flood.


Lots of people waited too long. 30 + people are known to have died in the fire, likely more in the traffic jam of burned cars Others barely escaped the traffic jam that ended up with them losing their cars and contents as well as their homes.

Beat the rush, panic early.

Pack up early and be ready. Don’t hesitate to leave.


3 thoughts on “Lesson from Maui and Lahaina

  1. I’d be willing to wager a rather large sum of money that the majority of area(s) that burned (other than in the paved areas of the the towns) were covered in exotic, invasive grasses, such as cogongrass and Guinea grass, as well as other highly-volatile, thick-growing species. Even if the current year’s growth is green, the incredibly thick thatch from previous years will burn like gasoline and cause the green vegetation to burn just as hot. Add in high winds and there’s nothing on the planet, other than heavy rains, that will stop a fire burning those fuels.

  2. Many didn’t heed the warning until it was too late, and they payed the ultimate price…

  3. The bigger problem is that Hawaii never burns like that (until it does), so they had no frame of reference for flight.
    And Lahaina is(was) mostly a nearly 200-year-old wooden town from the 1800s.

    With minimal fire crews, and no brush fire army, unlike the western continental states.
    Also, most of that island, you only have a single road in or out to anywhere.
    If the fire crosses a road in two places, you have no where to go but the ocean.

    The only silver lining for survivors, is the development of prime real estate is going to bring stratospheric prices.

    There’s going to be a development boom that follows this bust.

    Which won’t bring back the dead.

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