Before Budweiser went “Woke”

They stood for something:  pride, country, family, honor, decency and the USA.

Now, not so much.


Let’s look back at their advertising from years past and see what they once were: (It’s a short 5 minutes, but worth it)


Those ads sold a lot of beer because they talked about values that the average American wants to stand for,,,

Not some caricature of a man wanting to be a woman.

2 thoughts on “Before Budweiser went “Woke”

  1. I think it’s high time “the average American” starts professing those values… at MAX VOLUME! We don’t need a beer company… or ANY OTHER company… to get this done!

  2. Sadly, I think that it is a safe bet that “management” at AB will deem the expense associated with the Clydesdale operations to be one of the first steps to cut costs of operation. The bottom line does not warrant the support of the trademark of the OLD company.

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