First Start

Fired the engines on the 340 today….there are a few issues and adjustments to make. but things went well. 3 EGT probes were not reading, (and one read backwards, so a wiring error for sure) and the left alternator isn’t putting out, so not sure what that is all about.  Plus the fuel pressures were not right….

More as soon as the mechanics fix the issues. Then a couple of full power runs, and some high speed taxi and then we shall aviate.

Soon, I hope.

No fire, no smoke, nothing but a good first start.

3 thoughts on “First Start

  1. Great news!

    Have them do the first pre-flight inspection with you. Hide your surprise when he says, ‘I wondered where that _____ got off to.’
    For first flight, take head mechanic with you. Not to troubleshoot in the air, but to ensure your bird truly is A OK.

  2. Couldn’t help it…

    If the left alternator isn’t putting out, maybe you need to buy it a couple stiff drinks.

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