You’d think they’d have fingerprints…..

But, apparently not……Maybe they decided not to bother ’cause they wouldn’t like the mess that ensued if they did.

Cocaine WAS “found in a drawer” in a “Work area” of the West Wing of the White House by cleaning staff. 


Now, I’m no expert, mind you. Never did cocaine…wasn’t my thing….(But, as they say, I like how it smells….but I never inhaled….Hey, it worked for Barry the O and William Jefferson Clinton)…Seriously, I have no idea how small amounts of cocaine are packaged for street use…One would think it would be in some sort of plastic, and not a cotton bag, but what do I know? And if in a plastic baggie or other such material, then there’d be some bits of fingerprints….

If, of course, one bothered to look to find them before destroying such evidence. But they probably didn’t wanna know.


Just sayin’

5 thoughts on “You’d think they’d have fingerprints…..

  1. Ohhh they do, they do.
    They aren’t fooling many. Hell even there minions know better than that.

    That Baggy….aint clean. FACT.
    20 plus years on the road…I know a little bout certain thangs.

  2. Not to mention security camera footage of who was where and when. And that cell phones collected from staff and others in area could have their locations shown where the phone was taken as well as its user. Like the leaked information about pending abortion legislation being leaked at the Supreme Court, there are only a limited number of possibilities who he/she/they are.

    Have they uttered the phrase ‘I guess we’ll never know …’ yet. Because I’m betting a donut that it will be said by someone soon.

    I guess the White House has now earned its name …

  3. my shock is that they are making a big deal of it. i would have thought the story would have been dropped already.

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