Funny, that

The Media (both CBS and NBC at least) are complaining about Gun Violence over the Independence Day holiday…where there were more than a few mass shootings. SO far I count 21, but I may have missed some…


Yet, strangely, all the ones they have shown were of large gatherings of black citizens enjoying the festivities. They wouldn’t come out and say so, but the videos showed that exclusively….I am sure that if there had been large groups of white people shooting at each other, we would have had much (and often replayed) video of it….but all we see are crowds of black people running from the gunshots (I would not be surprised if many of the injuries were from being trampled in the stampede). Always black people. Funny, that.


Perhaps, instead of blaming the guns, and calling for greater restrictions, we should limit the size of crowds of black people…..To prevent violence of course.  ‘Cause that seems to be as great a factor in these shootings as the guns.

Do it for the children!!!!

If it Saves Just One Life…..

4 thoughts on “Funny, that

  1. It’s the same groups again. This is just the beginning of summer.

    Rinse and repeat, it going to be a long hot summer.

  2. Someone unloads with a 9mm so there is a hue and cry to ban assault rifles…

  3. OH… LOOK!!! The USEFUL IDIOTS are at it again!!!!

    Funny; no matter HOW.MANY.GUN LAWS are passed, these people ALWAYS seem to be able to find GUNS!!!!

    If anything, these “mass shootings” illustrate PERFECTLY why I feel the need to own a firearm and why I’ll NEVER comply with any disarmament order!!!

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