The Secret Service is either lying or incompetent?

I mean, really….Pick one.

They were somehow unable to get fingerprint data off of the baggie of cocaine found…(well, as to exactly where, that depends on where in the timeline of the story given to us by the White House)…in the Presidential Residence…..

Zero Fingerprints. No partials, nothing. Strange, that. They can usually find a partial that, if not proof, gives them something…

Then the surveillance footage…somehow they can’t use that to even narrow it down as to who used what cubbyhole/locker.

So either their investigators are liars, are completely incompetent, or they are covering for someone….

And now they tell us “Nothing to see here, Move along” (thanks for the link, Aaron)

If only the DOJ would bother to use as much diligence as they did on the folks who entered the Capitol on Jan 6th.….Of course they WANTED to find those people.

I’ll bet $100 bucks that Congress will let them get away with this (ahem) whitewash, too, just like they let the DOJ let Hunter (and Joe) slide on the dealings detailed in the Laptop.

How can we have a decent government when the folks at the top can get away with anything and the DOJ won’t bother?

8 thoughts on “The Secret Service is either lying or incompetent?

  1. who cares? just another among many. what i want to know is why/how joe is activating reservists to go to ukraine.

  2. They are incompetent and they are liars, just like the cia,doj and the Communists running this country.

  3. The Secret Service is jus as corrupt and evil as all the other Fed Gov agencies. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they are complicit in a plot to murder Trump sometimes in the near future.

    • None of them should be Trusted. Not the ss, fbi, atf, epa, irs, fema, none. From my limited perspective, the only reason DJT has not been removed is they know how people would respond. Which amplifies how reverse upside down current events are.

  4. IF TPTB were actually interested in responsible government Congress would defund, or at least cut back funding for, the Secret Service, right behind cutting funding for DOJ.

    That none of it will happen tells you everything you need to know about Washington.

    Anon 2

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