Solar panels

Question: Are there any solar panels made using energy ONLY from solar panels? Or are the panels (and their component parts) all made using fossil fuels? I mean the silicon foundries, etc.

I’m betting that the electricity used to make solar panels comes from other sources of production, like coal, oil or natural gas, and not wind or solar.


I know that Ethanol, once heralded as a replacement for fossil fuels, is distilled with heat from Natural Gas, or from electricity from (mostly) coal fired power plants. I’ve never seen an ethanol plant that uses ethanol (or even biomass) as a source of energy.



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  1. or those wind turbines? can’t make those blades w/o petroleum. the miles of wire?

  2. Called realtor to sell house. “Are you selling or buying solar?” (WTF?) “Why?”
    ” Cuz if you are, find someone else.” Wanted someplace cooler than Phoenix. Over 6 months we looked from Boise to Spokane, Bremerton to east of Portland. Of the hundreds of homes we scoped out, only 3 had solar. Solar never listed as a feature. Solar did not add to cost of houses. Something is not adding up…

    • Most people don’t pay cash for their solar when it’s installed. It’s financed. So when they sell the hope is the new owner will assume the old solar loan and the long term agreement with power company. Can be a problem unless seller just gives away the panels. At least that’s the deal with my power company.

  3. There is NOTHING “green” that could exist without the use of fossil fuels. And that reality is unlikely to change in the near future…if ever.

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