Obfuscating with data

This study shows the mass shooting deaths by state…..By state. Not by city where the data would be more useful, and where we all know what the story would be….large Urban areas rather than small towns….

It also hints but does not say what the demographics are….the race/ethnicity/poverty level of the shooters OR the victims…..But it does point out that there were no mass shootings in either Hawaii or Alaska….You can draw your own conclusions.


It is interesting that, although they try to correlate gun laws to shootings, there seems to be an inverse effect….the tighter the gun restrictions the (marginally) more shootings…but not enough to make any real conclusions. What they DON’T do in this study is look at any of the other factors. Race (and percentage of that race in the surrounding area), economic level, education level or ethnicity. These are all greater factors than gun laws.

Kinda  hiding the truth, really.

It isn’t like there aren’t mass shooting at least weekly on the south side of Chicago, in primarily black and poor neighborhoods, usually related to a bar or a party or other gathering…..or the most dangerous place at 2:30 Am, “jus’ stannin onna cornah, minin’ my own bidnes’…” And there are nearly zero in a tiny downstate town like DeLand or Ogden or Taylorville. But lump all the towns in a state together to hide the real truth.


4 thoughts on “Obfuscating with data

    • I took the trouble of accessing the original paper.

      What was striking is that the rate-risk of being injured or killed in a “mass shooting event” in Washington D.C. was listed as 52.8. Washington D.C. is a beacon of Progressive excellence.

      The risk listed in the paper for the same time period for West Virginia, a bastion of regressive hillbillies and deplorables and backwards-thinking was listed as 1.53. If you divide the DC risk by the West Virginia risk DATA, you will determine that you are about 35 times more likely to get ventilated in a mass-shooting event in “Progressive”, anti-gun Washington D.C. than you are in West Virginia.

      This reply is not intended to be a slam against West Virginia. I am merely channeling “popular wisdom” and highlighting how back-azzward it is.

  1. Like all communist efforts, insulting your intelligence with the ham-fisted sledge-hammer obviousness of the lies is deliberate, to emphasize that your intellect and opinions don’t matter to The State. Only the The State matters to The State.

    This only ends when they get Ceau├žescu’ed.

    I find those terms acceptable.

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