Texas style.

Dude tracks down his stolen truck, holds thieves at gunpoint for the cops.

Thief pulls his own gat. Get ventilated for his efforts.

Police say “Good Job”

Dead thieves brother says “‘A vehicle is not worth taking someone’s life” Well, apparently the thief thought it was. He pulled a gun to try and get away, and that worked out poorly for him.

And, to my mind, stealing someone’s property is akin to stealing a bit of their life….the time and effort they spent working for that money to buy that item….truck, house, jewelry, etc.  is their life……they could have been doing something else rather than work. Work is using up your life for compensation.

If more thieves got this sort of treatment, and the owners did not have worry about prosecutions for it, there’d be a lot less theft.

Sorry (not really) your brother was killed dude, but he got what he deserved.



7 thoughts on “FAFO

  1. If the owner had his trade tools in his truck like I do, his whole way of feeding himself and his family is gone. Good Job.

  2. Stealing a horse was once punishable by death. Seems absolutely appropriate for car theft.

  3. This was in San Antonio- on the West Side (not a lot of highly educated people with good jobs…)
    Police Chief McManus is a Liberal from a hugely blue city (Twin Cities IIRR) and most of the city votes blue.
    Don’t be surprised if he’s brought up on charges.

  4. There are four kinds of homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy. – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

    This would be the fourth category.
    Nice shootin’, Tex.
    And lest we forget, nominate the perp for a well-deserved Darwin Award, if he didn’t manage to reproduce before this last effort in life.
    When I get home in the morning, I’ll decorate him with a FAFO Medal with gold star device.

  5. It’s not the item being stolen but the principle. The Left ALWAYS blames the defender of the property, saying “It wasn’t worth taking a life.” The perp obviously thought it was worth risking his life to steal the vehicle. End of debate, snowflakes…

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