Expect the US “Security” people to try this here….

Seems that France has issues….they want to not only cut off the Freedom of the Press, but censor or stop “Social Media”….

And remotely tap your phones, laptops, cars, etc.

On Wednesday, President Macron proposed “to regulate or cut” social media in case of future unrest. The French TV channel Euronews reported Wednesday:

French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the possibility of banning access to certain social media features, in a meeting with local mayors in the cities that have seen violent protests.

Macron told about 300 local leaders that “we need to reflect on social media use among the youngest [and] on the prohibitions we must put in place,” in a video seen by some French and international media.

When things get out of hand, perhaps you have to put yourself in a position to regulate or cut them,” Macron added.

Under a new justice reform bill presented this week, French law enforcement is seeking power to remotely access the mobile devices of suspected individuals.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported Thursday:

French police should be able to spy on suspects by remotely activating the camera, microphone and GPS of their phones and other devices, lawmakers agreed late on Wednesday, July 5. Part of a wider justice reform bill, the spying provision has been attacked by both the left and rights defenders as an authoritarian snoopers’ charter, though Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti insists it would affect only “dozens of cases a year.”

Covering laptops, cars and other connected objects as well as phones, the measure would allow the geolocation of suspects in crimes punishable by at least five years’ jail. Devices could also be remotely activated to record sound and images of people suspected of terror offenses, as well as delinquency and organized crime.

We in the US are about one step away from this.

9 thoughts on “Expect the US “Security” people to try this here….

  1. Or, you could enforce the law and shoot Jihad rioters. Just saying.

  2. Note to Self: Leave phone at home, shut off, battery removed…

    Surveillance has always been a mousetrap covered in “free cheese…” We got by without them before, so why not now?…

  3. The Police seem willing to engage to end the riots and protect other residents. Let the politicians play their games after the violence stops.

  4. The US security forces have been doing this for quite a while already. They just haven’t admitted to it.

  5. “Shooting the rioters” seems like a pretty good first choice. I suspect we’ll get our own chance to practice that at som epoint.

    RE: social media, I’m hard pressed to see why eliminating all of it entirely would be a Bad Thing. I seem to remember there was a time – multiple millennia, in fact – during which electronic social media did not exist, and I think, but am not completely sure, that humanity and civilization somehow managed to survive that barren period. Something about people interacting “face to face” comes to mind…..

    Anon 2

    • If they can legally shut down your access to social media then they can shut down your access to whatever they want.
      Even cell phones….and anywhere else on the internet.

      Think about it.

  6. We in the US are about one step away from finding out that this has been unofficially but actually in play for years, if not decades.”


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