Anyone wanna bet this goes bad?

I mean, I’ll go 8-5 that this goes sideways about 4 hours in.

Either the kids will get squirrely, or the merchants will be so frightened that they won’t be willing to serve the needs of the kids, and then the kids will protest and things will get pear shaped.

Plan to bring inner city kids to downtown: My block, my hood, my city aims to bring 1000 kids downtown.

I think that, kids being kids, young adults being what they are, that unless they are well chaperoned it ain’t gonna go well,,,,like no more than 3 or 4 kids per chaperone. I’m not saying it is a bad idea, but brining anyone, especially kids, to a new environment where they will be expected to behave differently is a recipe for missteps….and those missteps will likely reflect badly on the rest as a group. I mean, put me in a formal russian or Japanese dinner and I will likely make an ass of myself. Only add color and other cultural markers in….and kids who should, but don’t, speak decent english…and whose morals and values are somewhat different than the norm in the area….Not saying they are bad kids, nor bad people. Just that the differences in the environment from where they have been raised are great, yawningly wide and may pose an obstacle to acceptance. After all, the merchants and people downtown have very little experience in non-marauding groups of black kids 

I hope they pull it off with no issues, but I have my doubts.


5 thoughts on “Anyone wanna bet this goes bad?

  1. Once they know shere the easy pickings are…….. Good Luck!

    • not what I meant at all…simply behavior and environment issues.

      The groups that are gonna rob already know where the downtown is, they’ve done it before.

  2. “I’m not saying it is a bad idea”
    I will go ahead and say it’s a bad idea.
    The gang mentality never leaves them.

  3. Throw in a large dose of social media and you will have a lot more than 1000 kids downtown. Each kid gets $50? Madness! Salt that wound.

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