If they’d have called it “Proclamation Day” or even “Notification Day” or “Freedom Day” rather than the asinine name “Juneteenth” they might have gotten some support from the rest of the population.

But no, a STUPID name like “Juneteenth” was what they chose. I guess they had to find a name that the average black person with an IQ of about 85 could understand…….

The sad part is that most black people don’t have a clue as to what the date signifies.

But I know of no one, liberal or conservative, who is not black, who doesn’t find the term “Juneteenth” irritating.

7 thoughts on “Y’know….

  1. When you’re too stupid to grasp English, you go out of your way to create your own language. That’s what Ebonics is all about.

  2. They named it Juneteenth because “Fatherless Day” coming right after Father’s Day would’ve seemed a tad harsh.

  3. Just the opposite here.
    The company I work for is run by a woke asshole (can I say asshole here?) and since the George Floyd Drug Overdose celebrations we get jteenth off.
    The white liberals around me CELEBRATE it more than the blacks.
    But, since most of the black people I know are not woke, they couldn’t care less…..

  4. As I read elsewhere, on a Juneteenth we are supposed to all hold hands in solidarity then go back to calling everyone racist the next 364 days.

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