Where do these people get their power over the Justice System?

I mean, Hillary committed, for all intents and purposes, espionage with her thousands of classified documents on her unsecured server…..and then ADMITTED to trying to destroy evidence of her crime…(yet another crime of and in itself)…SHe got no prosecution.

Joe Biden has committed many crimes, but the DOJ won’t investigate…Bribery and selling the office of the President (and also when he was Vice President….)


They slow rolled Hunter Biden’s investigation until they could not hide his crimes any longer…. Then are trying to give him a slap on the wrist for his blatant tax evasion and re dismissing his gun crime….

If you, or I, or anyone you know had committed such crimes we would already be prosecuted and in prison….especially if we had done so so blatantly as these people. Yet they get off scott free. How? Who has such influence that they are shielded….if the Department of “Justice” even bothers to investigate? How is it that they are all but inviolate from crimes that would put anyone else in prison? How can they comit such crimes with near total impunity?

Yet the Biden’s and the Clintons walk free, or nearly so.

Where do I get some of that influence and power?


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