’tis funny….

So the folks on CBS are telling people that “Normal” masks used for Covid are not gonna work for the particulates causing bad “air quality” in the eas coast states coming from the Canadian wildfires….That AT A MINIMUM one needs an N-95 or better mask for it to be effective. And to be sure you get enough air through the mask when exerting yourself…

Huh. And all that Canadian smoke is so much larger than those Covid (and other) virus particles…..

Whoda thunk that all those Covid masks were useless? Someone should have said something earlier….

8 thoughts on “’tis funny….

    • Because idiots gonna idiot.

      If anyone in Creation is, was, or did wear and use a simple mask to protect themselves from others, and any of them read this:
      Please return to your high and middle schools, and beat the ever-loving sh*t out of your science and health instructors, because they robbed you of a basic scientific education comprehensible by any midwit who can walk and chew gum simultaneously.

      Anyone who believed/believes simple masks are ever for self-protection, probably also thinks humans can effect solar radiation from 93M miles away, and believes that ancient plesiosaurs live and breed undiscovered and unseen in Loch Ness (covered by cameras 24/7/365 for decades), than which the only deader body of water on earth is cleverly named the Dead Sea.

      This is why we can’t have nice things.
      People are morons.

      And a non-zero number will believe any jackassically farcical thing they read in the newspapers or see on the internet, common sense be damned, and will cling to that bit of false trivia as if it conveyed life and wealth.

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