Plasma Cutter AAR (1)

So I took the Plasma Cutter down to the barn and started cutting it with the 220 VAC hooked up rather than the 110VAC in the garage. Big difference. LOTs more cut power.

Much better. It eats 0.60 aluminum with ease  There is some buildup on the tip from splatter, so you do have to clean it periodically, but that is workable. I might try some welding anti-spatter gel to mitigate some of that.

Like any plasma cutter, you gotta hold the tip flat to the work. This one is somewhat more sensitive than the others I’ve used to tip angle. The plasma flame isn’t as long as I would like (and as the Miller unit my neighbor has) but that may just take some work with the settings.

Having said that, it cuts like a hot knife through butter. Go too fast and it can (and will!) remelt, but that is just a matter of technique.


So far, I am pretty happy. I used it for over 20 minutes at pretty much 100% duty cycle at nearly 100% of the power setting, and it had no issues with overheating or anything.

Gonna play a bit more and see how the settings changes affect the efficiency. Sadly, the manual is typical Chinglish with few real tips, so I gotta just experiment a bit.

Overall, I would recommend it. Good purchase

4 thoughts on “Plasma Cutter AAR (1)

  1. Them things are the shit ain’t they?
    We just got a new one here at work for us maintenance guys, a Hypertherm unit.
    It is Bad Ass

  2. I can’t justify one… sigh… But I have friends with them. 🙂

    • Not as much help as you might think for the settings.

      If you use one, you’ll understand.

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