How strange: More power plants bring electricity power prices down

Who would have thought?

Finland’s electricity is currently so cheap they can’t even charge for it, mostly due to a new Nuke plant that is supplying all the electricity that they need.

Hydro and other “Renewables” just couldn’t cut it, but a new thermal nuke plant means an abundance of electricity….and it can make up for things when the solar and wind won’t get the job done.

Funny how that works, innit? Now if only our people could figure the economics out.

5 thoughts on “How strange: More power plants bring electricity power prices down

  1. Here in Illinois, we keep taking nukes and coal offline, adding in “greenshit” and it gets more expensive……

  2. Economics isn’t the problem.

    The 30,000 years of toxic waste whenever there’s an “Oopsie!” moment is the sticking point.

    Take humans out of the equation, and let AI run them.
    What could possibly go wrong??

    • Yer missing the point: Electricity prices were astronomical until a new plant came on board. Renewables was leading to a lack of generation capability and a real possibility of not enough power for demand.
      But a new generation plant solved that. The source of heat is immaterial.

      • Unless you’re downwind.

        Economics are important, until people decide that human error is too inevitable to play with that particular Promethean fire.

        The Navy has pulled it off so far, but only with a strictness of operation and attention to detail the civilian world could never hope to match, unless we mandate that nuclear plant workers and their families must reside on site for life.

        That’s the rub.

        There’s any number of ways to bring more generation online. I’m not against any of them, per se, but nuclear power brings its own set of problems, none of which have anything to do with efficiency or economics.

        My personal favorite would be chaining environmentalists to drive wheels, and then burning their bodies as fuel under boilers when they die, but I’m old-fashioned.

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