Do not look directly at the fireball

I am impressed. Very.

I have a bunch of metal stuff to cut up. Mostly aluminum. I could have just used a sawzall, but the aluminum tends to gum up the blades quickly and I’d go through a fair bunch of ’em even if I cleaned the aluminum out of ’em…., and so I thought I’d try a plasma cutter.


Now, my neighbor has a very nice unit that I have used at his shop, a Miller, that takes 220V and, while it is a very nice tool, is priced at about 3200 bucks. So I looked up the specs, and went shopping. Amazon has one that has very similar specs, had good reviews, is 110/220 for $299 plus a $50 “in-store coupon”… I tried one. This one has all the goodies: Self starting pilot arc, post arc airflow to cool the tip, etc. I hated to buy a chinese one, but $249 vs $3400 is a big jump…..And I can always send it back to Amazon if I ain’t happy….So I ordered it:

 Hynade Plasma Cutter HYC550XP, Non Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter,55A Dual Voltage 110V/220V Inverter Max Cut 16mm Plasma Cutting Machine (HYC550XP 110/220V)

I gotta say I am impressed. I set it up in the shop by the house, where it is warm, and even on 110V it did a decent job (Don’t have the correct 220 outlets for it in that shop) Hooked up the bits, connected shop air, did a bit of adjustment and within a half hour was burning some scrap 0.060 “stainless…then some 0.090″ aluminum and some 1/8 steel.

Now, I was too lazy to go down to the big shop and get a welding helmet, and that arc isn’t too good on the eyes, so I stopped playing…..(’twas high winds and rain, and I just wasn’t motivated to go outside). I cut over 3 feet at one pass of the scrap aluminum on 110V and didn’t pop a 20 amp breaker….I’m not sure what it would do with 220VAC…The reviews say that 1/2” steel is no issue, but we will see….

So far, I am impressed. When I get down to the big shop I will have a go with thicker aluminum and some mild steel, but so far, I am impressed. I might just bring it over to my neighbors place and try it side by side with his…..the only issue I can see is that the stinger cord is only 8 (actually 10) feet instead of 20, and the ground cord is only 10 feet instead of 20….but for less than 1/10 the price I think I can move it more often. I gotta find a decent case to carry it in, but that shouldn’t be too hard.




4 thoughts on “Do not look directly at the fireball

  1. Worked in manufacturing for 20 years as a buyer. In the early days when we were adding capacity I bought the old timers a plasma cutter as they always used a cutting torch, they were like pigs in shit. We got along even better after that and became great friends. They taught me a lot.

    After that, they got whatever they wanted because I felt they earned it, and they did.

  2. Bought one of these units a year ago. Have used it quite a bit and it has worked perfectly. Very pleased with it.

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