And yet they keep making it harder for real power plants

Thermal/steam turbine types, I mean.

How far the democrats have caused us, as a nation, to fall.

Blackouts not caused by weather or other natural disaster were unthinkable when I was growing up in the 70’s. Unheard of.

Today we are expecting them to happen during the summer months.

Power Blackouts Will Be Part Of This Summer In The U.S.

What a terrible thing the Democrats have done in the name of Climate Change (Once called Global Warming). Placed the welfare of the citizens behind an unproven, scientifically sketchy and poorly researched and modeled climate religion.

What was once a great nation, where loss of power due to a lack of generation capacity to today, where there simply aren’t enough power plants due to the reliance on “Renewables” and simply a lack of construction to meet demand.

I was told in the 90’s by people I respected that the Left would attempt to bring the country down, lower the high standard of living and attempt to make this country less and weaker than what it was then. They were correct. The methods and avenues used are not what was expected then, but the result is as predicted.




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