Everyone is all agog over the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News…How this is a mistake by the Fox execs and all.

But one thing I don’t see ever discussed is this: Is it possible that this was an unwritten condition of the settlement with Dominion? I could see where they might make this a part of the settlement, and it is oddly coincident time wise, innit?


That’s my theory, anyway. He was hated by the Democrats and Liberals nearly as much as they hate Trump.

Just sayin’.

Feel free to comment one way or the other.

6 thoughts on “Y’know…

  1. shumer, over airing of the j6 videos. notice how quickly they pulled that down.

  2. Murdoch & Ryan have been looking for an excuse to become CNN Lite so I think this was just an opportunity taken.
    I never watched FOX, but now that Tucker is not there, I may watch him.

  3. I agree with thought – getting rid of conservative on air opinions is a must, especially with upcoming elections. Note that de-platforming conservative voices from Twitter and other similar was just prior to 2020 elections. That wasn’t coincidental either.

  4. your thought about dominion was my very first guess with respect to Fox’s motivation.

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