Not only Alissa Heinerscheid the marketing exec. BUT ALSO HER BOSS.

“Leave of Absence” my ass.

Gone. Good

The sales figures must be tanking even worse that I expected. Beer drinking men don’t like their chicks to have dicks….. Apparently not only Bud Light, but Budweiser as well is suffering greatly.

Again, why trash a big part of your customer bases’ sensibilities for at most a half percent of the population overall? (You’d think they’d have learned from Gillette a few years ago and from M&M’s just last year not to piss off the majority of their customer base….)

I think the only real way that Bud fixes this is to fire everyone that was in the decision tree for this decision and PUBLICLY repudiates their decision to pander to the Transvestite segment of society…..Otherwise, they might as well just give up on selling much Bud Light and plan to reuse the bottling plants and brewing vats for another brand……

(losing the 1% of sales from the trans community won’t make much difference, but making amends to the real market might help fix this)

4 thoughts on “Heh:

  1. Taking BILLION$ out of the bottom line overnight is a career move most folks don’t get to make twice in one lifetime.

  2. Anyone in the company above her who let this slide should also be fired. If they didn’t know, they were negligent and should Lso be canned. If InBev ever plans on making a profit with AB, they better clean house now, while there is something of value left to save.

  3. Your comment about reusing the plants for a different brew may be part of the answer. If Coke had gone straight from cane sugar to corn syrup everyone would have been up in arms. By interposing New Coke they pretty much got away with the switch here in the US. You can still get Coke with sugar if you search for it..

    Maybe there is a new brew in the works to replace Bud Lite but they wanted to reduce demand enough to ‘justify reallocating resources’ for the newer product.

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