Socialist philosophy in a nutshell.

Do the right thing, pay your bills on time, don’t buy too much, and get penalized because you have good credit….charged more for a less risky loan.

Republicans write letter to Biden administration threatening to REPEAL new mortgage rule that would ‘tax’ homeowners with good credit to benefit Americans who don’t pay bills on time

Perfect explanation of why the Biden administration and his supporters will drive this country into the ground….all in the interest of “Fairness”…

Fairness of opportunity is not the same as Fairness of outcome. IF you have crappy credit it is because you earned it. If you have good credit it is because you have earned it as well. Charging those with good credit more to subsidize those who have bad credit is socialism, plain and simple. Credit is mostly based on your historical  record of paying on time and expected ability to pay back the monies you are borrowing. IF you have bad credit, it means you failed to make payments on time or have defaulted. Why should you get lower rates than people who DO pay on time and have a good history?


One thought on “Socialist philosophy in a nutshell.

  1. The GOP can make all the threat’s they want. They don’t have the votes to override a Pedo Joe veto. He…or more specific can his handlers can do whatever they want.

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