Restrict act

If yer not aware, this is the currently proposed legislation to “combat Tik-Tok”.

Overly broad, it can be used for pretty much anything internet related.

No oversight to the people who decide.

(The text of the bill doesn’t even mention the Program “Tik-Tok”

Call your Congressmen and tell them “NO”.

Explanation here if you prefer text.

Enough of this shit.


4 thoughts on “Restrict act

  1. In Indiana, Todd Young is the guy to call. He’s on the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation where the bill is now (S.686). He also tends to vote with the Dems most of the time.

  2. All legislation is intended to give the government far more power than they say it will. Most politicians do not read the bills that vote.on. even fewer citizens read them.

  3. The lobbyists have been crafting this bill for a long time. I am sure it will restrict only one thing, us.

    Like all those cute bill names that are now law, The Patriot Act, The Cares Act and so on. Trump signed one of the biggest most expensive bills as one of HIS first acts. They have been non stop since.

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