Not for everyone

Saw a chick wearing this shirt* today, and I thought it was a joke…

But it isn’t.

The current state tourism motto for Nebraska is
“Honestly, it’s not for everyone”.

Which is probably true for most city folks and east and west coasters…..

Anyway, It caught my eye.

* (I wanted to take a cell phone photo, but she wasn’t cool with that so I didn’t.)



8 thoughts on “Not for everyone

  1. i love the folks out there, but that damned unrelenting wind just drives me insane. four lane highways all to myself, two lanes wide enough for six. wide open spaces. smiling faces. damn, now i’m going to have to schedule a trip.

  2. I have relatives there 100 miles North of Lincoln, generational. They have so many acres in corn that I kid you not, they were using a Parasail to keep tabs on the sprinklers.
    When they found out that I was a mechanic they literally offered me a house to live in for free if I would move out there..
    A literal one red light town, talking to a random stranger lady in a general store and found out we were related. Her 80 year old mother knew my Grandfather who had moved away fifty years earlier.
    Knew that entire side of my family.
    This is back when I was drinking hard. I wouldn’t have lasted a month in that town because I was freaking crazy compared to everyone I met.
    Balls to the walls lifestyles don’t cut it back there.
    Had a distant relative inducted into the Nebraska Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame at my last stop on the way out.
    My dads cousin got so fed up with my crazy ass that she hissed that I should be put in chains.
    Knowing that bunch, they probably still talk about me.

  3. Went to college in Lincoln….about half a century ago. Nebraska was a bit different from other places. Probably even more noticeably different now.

  4. You have it now B, I am commentating on your blog… I lived in Mitchell, South Dakota for years and I know Nebraska is not for everyone…

  5. Dang, they must have changed it. Last I heard, the state motto was “Gateway to Wyoming.”

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