It appears that the DNC is done with Biden…

I mean, they are letting the News Media do reports on all sorts of things like the Hunter Biden Laptop, many stories about the families finances, and contacts with foreign governments…


In other words, they (the News Media) are (suddenly) doing what they should have done in the months BEFORE the election….report on the truths about the Biden family members and their use of Joe’s Vice Presidency to influence foreign and US policies for profits…including Joe and Hunter Biden. How Hunter made Big Bank using Joe’s influence.

Instead of being NEWS organizations, they became a propaganda arm of the DNC….(One might make a case for “Election Tampering”, what with the patently false stories they peddled as “News”)….Who pulled out all the stops to get Biden elected…(or to minimize the amount of questionable ballots needed to get Joe the “Most votes in US History”)…..and whatever they needed to do to keep Trump from being re-elected…..and they succeeded.

I figure that they will let the truth (or the portions that they feel will be useful) about the Biden family’s business dealings out slowly, a trickle that will undermine the story that they have built up about Joe, in order to damage his re-election chance. First by admitting the the Laptop was Hunter’s, and other small, but damaging truths…the latest that Joe and his election committee influenced the CIA using Anthony Blinken (Oddly enough, now Biden’s Secretary of State) to write the letter that the laptop was “Russian Disinformation” and get it signed by 51 “Former CIA officials”

So I figure this all indicates that Biden is out, and all of his minions with him. Will this be the end of the Woke and Trans/Pedo movements? Without the support of the Biden administration, they will be sorely weakened.

What I don’t know is who will be chosen to replace him as the 2024 Presidential Candidate. We know it certainly won’t be Kamala Harris, as she has proven her only skill is on her knees gaining black votes (and Liberal women’s votes) and certainly not as a leader….

But either way, they are gonna sideline Joe. Bet on it.

5 thoughts on “It appears that the DNC is done with Biden…

  1. Or he’ll sideline himself with something so stupid they have no choice!

  2. nah, its the clinton strategy. trickle out the dirt a little at a time months before the election . folks will forget by then.

  3. Agree with riverrider.
    They are getting out in front of something.
    DNC has no reason to replace biden
    He’s doing exactly what they want him to do.

  4. He may announce his candidacy but the DNC decides who wins the caucusing and gets to actually run for office. I doubt Pedo Joe will be allowed a second term. Though as corrupt as things are his crime syndicate may have the blackmail material necessary to force the DNC to actually allow him to run.

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