I failed

No, I mean it.

I failed.

I had a whole post set up to remind you of the Waco Massacre, when our government, under Janet Reno and approved by Bill Clinton, killed 83 people who just wanted to be left alone….28 of those killed were children. But it didn’t post, and I got busy with life and I simply didn’t make sure it got posted…..and in doing so I failed the memory of my fellow citizens who were slaughtered by the US government due to bureaucratic incompetence and just plain hubris and stupidity 30 years ago.

And the rest of us forgot as well. And that is shameful.


Because of the idiocy and incompetence of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the whole thing spiraled out of control, and on April 19th 1993, the final push ended in the deaths of those people near Waco Tx.

Now, details can be found in many places, but the end result is that 83 people who weren’t harming anyone, who weren’t doing anything wrong, were simply killed because of government incompetence and stupidity…..and their fellow citizens across the country stood by and watched it happen. On live TV.

More importantly, those officials responsible for the debacle were not punished….shot or jailed or even demoted.

And we, I, watched and let it go.

And we let it be forgotten as well. I didn’t make sure that post published. I didn’t do my part to remind my fellow citizens of the atrocity perpetrated by our government against my fellow citizens 30 years ago.

We have forgotten. And it is a shame on all of us that were alive then that we have let it fade..

If you trust your government after seeing Waco and their treatment of the Branch Davidians, then you are a fool. And if you let that memory fade, then you are a sheep.

I am sorry that I let it slide. But think. Remember,


4 thoughts on “I failed

  1. don’t beat yourself up about it. the propaganda machine was in full assault even then and convinced most of amerika that it was “for the children”. i blame reno for many things but from what i read she was duped like the rest of us on waco. she refused the op until they ran “for the children” up the flagpole, knowing she was a raving child advocate and having no evidence that children were being harmed. i blame them for oklahoma city as well since they created tim mcveigh, and i still believe he had fed help building the bomb. console yourself that waco was but 83 dead of the millions the u.s. gov has killed over the years for no reason what so ever. and they are far from finished killing.

  2. …When you’re up to your ass in alligators it’s hard to remember that your job was to drain the swamp… This is the method of governmental madness; to keep you so overwhelmed with input that you won’t remember much from day to day!

    …No successful military leader has won every battle… The important thing is to win the war…

    • Can’t blame the Government for my failure. WAY too many things distracted me, but the .Gov wasn’t even on the radar.
      I simply let it fall through the cracks due to personal distractions.

      Blame where it belongs and all that.

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