Here is an interesting fact….

If there was every any doubt that the prosecution of Donald Trump is political in nature, this should put it to rest….

The basic charge which is the lynchpin of the slew of charges that New York is using against me Trump …

Was investigated and dismissed by the Federal Election Commission years ago and it was determined that there WAS NO CRIME.  

Attorney Bragg knows this fact. Chose to charge Trump anyway. …after all the other politically motivated attempts to criminally charge him had failed.

Just think about that. The DNC led attacks keep coming one after the other, a new one every time the previous ones have failed. A slow trickle of attempts to damage Me Trump and keep him from being able to campaign. This is the sort of thing that other, less civilized countries experience….not the sort of behavior that one expects in the US.

The fact that this is happening tells me several things…they fear Trump. They no longer believe that they can get away with election shenanigans like in 2020…..and they think that unless they stop him from running they will lose.

I don’t want to have to choose Trump. I’d much rather have someone else….. But I find it interesting how much the DNC machine fears him running again.

“Quality of one’s enemies” and all that….

But this is an interesting, if contrary thought as to why the charges have been laid….


6 thoughts on “Here is an interesting fact….

  1. not about the election. its about showing us they can get anybody, anytime.

  2. It’s not about Trump. Even a hardcore Democrat should be able to see that this is a pogrom against ANYONE who goes against WHOEVER is in power. I’m not being clich√© here, but the tactics that preceded this were STRIKINGLY similar… identical, in fact, to those used by Hitler. Identify the problem. Blame a group for the problem. Demonize the group deemed responsible for the problem. Give tacit approval for everyone else to go after the demonized group. Go after the group at the government level. By the time the rest of the people realize what’s happened, they’ve given the government too much power and it’s too late. We’re right about there right now…

  3. Both Dems and Repubs fear Trump. He isn’t one of them and they are scared their way of Life and crimes they have committed will be revealed.

  4. The FEC declined the case
    The Southern District declined the case
    The DOJ declined the case
    The previous DA declined the case.

    But this whiz bang legal genius came up with a way of turning a possible expired civil misdemeanor into 34 felonies

    Yeah, sure……..

  5. Anyone with the IQ of soap knows this is a baseless politically motivated shitshow.
    Doesn’t matter. The goal is to tie Trump up to the extent he can’t effectively run for POTUS next year. THAT is what their main goal is and what they will keep doing. And they will do it with TAXPAYER MONEY.

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