Buttt…she could just say she “Identifies” as canine….

I mean, yes, it is likely mental illness, but it is no different than those who claim to be another gender.

Man/woman/woman/dog….what’s the difference? If we accept one, why not the other?

A Mississippi woman accused of having sex with a German shepherd has been pictured with the dogs days before her arrest.

Look: I get it, you think it is disgusting. But if we are gonna accept that some people that are so mentally damaged that they think they are a woman when they are a man, (or vice-versa) and give them credence, then why not a girl that thinks she is a dog?

At what point is the mental illness beyond acceptable? Why is this girl any less acceptable than some person that thinks they area different gender than what they were born with?

The double standard here is unacceptable.


ETA: Look: I’m not condoning her actions, nor do I find it acceptable. But if you are gonna allow some perversions and not others, what are the standards by which you find one acceptable and another unacceptable? Who gets to decide? 

5 thoughts on “Buttt…she could just say she “Identifies” as canine….

  1. I knew this was going to happen when Obama “redefined” marriage… You let one thing go, and y’gotta let ’em all…

    …Our country’s in the shitter…

  2. I foresee an entire wave of “early adopters” coming among the Mentally Defective Demographic who find all sorts of Other Things sexually attractive. Yesterday, it was pretending to become the opposite sex, today it’s dogs, tomorrow it’s….what? Alpacas? Fruit? Buicks? Perhaps Denise Frazier suffers from Catherine the Great Syndrome and couldn’t afford a horse.

    Normies will soon become a small minority, certainly in the sexual arena, probably everywhere else, too.

    Anon 2

    • No joke; a few years back a lady fell in love with and LEGALLY MARRIED the San Diego Santa Fe train station!!!

      …Anyone planning on indulging in Catherine the Great Syndrome might want to research what happened to her!

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