Sea level lies

Remember when Barry the Obama told us all about how Glowbal Warmering was gonna cause the seas to rise so we needed to give billions of dollars to Solyndra to make government subsidized solar panels to save us all?

Yeah, he took some of the commission/kickback he got from the¬†directors of Solyndra and bought a house on the seashore in Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. Just at the one spot you’d think, if he believed the words coming out of his own mouth, one would NOT wanna buy a house…..I mean, who wants a house that would be inundated in a year or two by Rising Sea Levels?


Of course, we have actual measurements that show less than a foot of sea level rise in a hundred years …I think Barry and Michelle weren’t worried about sea level rise all that much….

But hey, he got his payout and so did the folks from Solyndra….all paid for by the Taxpayers of the US. I guess it is better than helping start a war as a method of fleecing the US taxpayer so you can get your kickbacks……


(Remember, Barry and Michelle were broke when they began the campaign for President….but now they¬† have tens of millions of dollars to spend in retirement… You tell me how that happens)

One thought on “Sea level lies

  1. Virtually every person elected to Federal office retires with a shit ton of money. Far far more than could possibly be accounted for by their base salary of $175K. Which only leaves corruption.

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