Now that there is Real Science instead of hysteria

We once again find that which those of us that used logic (and common sense) said early on, (and were shouted down by the folks in Medicine that simply and unquestioningly follow the flock…with no real science, only “Procedure”.)…yeah, we were correct.

Masks Don’t Work. (at least not any degree which rises above the statistical noise)

Anyone with a brain could see the truth. But, like the 6 foot spacing and all the other preventative measures that we were forced to follow, they were simply thought experiments that had no scientific foundation, pushed by people who really didn’t have any evidence that any of their so called “Preventative Measures” might work.

Nothing in the Covid-19 response had any basis in fact. Nothing. The models used to predict the spread used arbitrary start points and poorly collected statistics, therefore the data set was crap form the get-go. The measures used to screen people coming into the country were laughable in their method of detection. The preventative measures pushed on an unwilling population were totally without foundation, made up at best.


One thought on “Now that there is Real Science instead of hysteria

  1. I have noticed that the grocery stores in my area have re-started the announcement using the store PA system, “attention employees – it’s time for the top of the hour conditioning” which means walk around and sanitize the door handles and any surface the customer might have touched. I have not heard this for over a year.

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